There are consequences of “non action”.

Wrote this last year, but it still rings true, even more so now. Because there are plenty of women that have overcome major obstacles where other women let simplistic things hinder them from “trying” to pursue their goals.

At some point, I can’t be expected to let people continue to disrespect me by ignoring me. Once you say that you’re going to do things in a certain way and utilize a resource, you have to do it. Otherwise, why waste time? You’re not only wasting that one person’s time, but photographers, stylists, anybody related to what you say you’re trying accomplish as a goal. You also disrespect the women that “are” working hard to accomplish goals. If something occurs that prevents you from doing what you say you’re going to do, it’s your burden to tell that person the truth and tell them immediately. That way, the person knows and the person can adjust accordingly. That person won’t have to designate energy or resources on that person until that person is ready to actually do something.

Almost all the women that have had major incidents that prevented them from pursuing a goal (getting pregnant, personal health issues, family health issues, injury, jail, etc), called me or told me. When I don’t know something is wrong, when I don’t hear from somebody for weeks or months, I have to assume, I always assume the worse. That person either is no longer pursuing their goal or they are not pursuing it with me. Why should I continue to give them energies that could be going to somebody that wants it or needs it????

I began physically taking action on this point over the last few months. Now, because people finally notice that they are no longer in my network, they want to say things about me. I’ve sacrificed a lot moving from Atlanta to Florida and back to Atlanta. I’ve taken a tremendous risk. The risk is starting to pay off in seeing the effort of individuals increase, more people achieving goals and more people believing in themselves than ever before. I’m not willing to jeopardize that with people who don’t care about anybody but themselves.

I’m not going to continue to watch as people say how they are busy, having a tough time, in mourning, but yet have to read online how they are out at the club 3 times a week, at the beach, shopping, at some event or whatever. It’s as if I don’t have access to the internet or better yet, that I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter and that all of the people I work with also have those pages and see what I see. It’s as if they’re oblivious that people are going to ask “have you heard from so and so?”, “cause I just saw them at … or I just saw on Facebook that they’re doing …”

Then there are those that disappeared off the face of the earth, no warning or anything. Then they pop up, asking if I remember them or if I would want to work with them again. And almost every time, I give them the benefit of the doubt, and agree to try to assist them knowing in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t and that I’m probably going to get burned again. And then when that person disappears again and I have egg on my face, I look like an idiot for letting it happen. But because I inherently believe in people, I’ve let this occur too many times.

I’ve lost major clients because models didn’t show to go sees. There are dozens that should be in magazines, film and other projects, but because they either came to an audition unprepared (despite having notice and had all the information) or because they didn’t show up at all, they are not. I’ve had dozens of gigs turned down not because they couldn’t do it, but they wouldn’t do it (many of these were paid) after saying they wanted to do it. They didn’t want to go through the trouble of asking people to carpool, or go through the trouble of taking pictures or go through the trouble preparing for a part. They were unwilling to do what others around them would, then blame me. I stopped taking the blame, and just removed myself from those people.

If something is important to you, you don’t let things stop you. Things might slow you down, but you don’t stop. You can only have so many excuses. I’ve had a multitude of very bad things happen to me during the last few years that would’ve stopped most people including homelessness. Yet here I am, because there are people that said they want me to help them do what they want to do on their terms. I have helped many stay focused on goals, stay motivated to pursue those goals and either directly or indirectly achieve those goals.

In closing, I’m going to continue to assist those that truly want me to assist. All I’ve ever asked is that if you don’t want me, say it. I’m not around for people’s convenience (claiming me just to avoid stupid people). The one’s that have used me have shown progress, avoided sometimes disastrous situations, and have done some pretty cool things. There are those that didn’t listen to things I’ve said and had to endure horrible experiences that could’ve been avoided. Sometimes it was sexual assault, sometimes it was theft, or other incidents.

I’ve never said I was perfect and never guaranteed anything to anybody. I’ve always said that I’m going to put in 50% and if the other person puts in 50%, things will happen. But I can’t expect to be the talent and do what I’m supposed to do. There has to be cooperation from both sides and if it isn’t there, you have to be able to communicate to get things where they should be. If the other party isn’t willing to communicate, you don’t have much to work with do you?

I’ve worked very hard, and there are those that have acknowledged my efforts. Some of them are the talent that I work with. Some of them are people in the industry that I’ve worked with or worked along side of. These believe in me and what I’m doing. As long as I have that, I’ll continue to push. You can hear examples of this by visiting radio and listen to the different episodes and guests I’ve had on my show. You can view the different pages of this website and see the photos and video work the talent has produced. Everybody deserves a chance to see what they can do, but only if they really want to do it………


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