Summertime with The Collins Twins

So I was in Hooters yesterday and I happened to have the Skintones Magazine issue that The Collins Twins are on the cover. One of the male employees asked if he could look through it. We got into a conversation about modeling, girls expectations, the whole 9. But he started making comments about particular models in the magazine. Then he started pulling Hooters girls over to look.

The consensus? Most thought Stacey and Tracey looked much better than most of of the girls in the magazine. They’d heard of them (knew where they were from, school they went to, etc).

Do I have a point? If someone asks, “What am I paying for?”, when they ask about rate, that’s what you’re paying for. You’re paying for the fact they have a recognizable name, you’re paying for the fact they look better than most. You’re paying for the fact that “men” are going to want to see them in person if they’re given a chance to and that “women” wouldn’t mind meeting them either.

Supposedly the attraction of booking a talent for hosting an event are the music videos they’ve appeared in, magazines they’ve been featured in, interviews, footage of photoshoots, etc.

Well The Collins Twins have the videos, magazine “covers” and plenty of other documentation to show who they are and what they’re capable of.

If you are serious, you have a budget, and don’t want to play games, you can book The Collins Twins for your next project. Respect our time, and you’re get return on your investment easy.

If you wish to inquire about availability, rates, or to receive a copy of their resume, email People book the “hottest” events during the summer and The Collins Twins should not be left out. Also, they’re available for television and film projects as well, so directors and producers be sure to hit us up.

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