Thanks to those that have subscribed to my page

I’m posting this just because I know you’ll get it and read it. Thanks for taking the few seconds to subscribe and being interested on what IMTM and the people I work with are doing. Hopefully you’ll tell others about what you have seen. Anybody that you know that needs what I have to offer, TELL THEM! But tell them that they have to be serious, can’t play games and respect my time.

For those that are in Atlanta and want to take advantage of my time or meet me, time is running out. I’ll be leaving for Miami soon. I’ll still work on things in Atlanta, but I won’t be here much throughout the rest of the year.

So if you want to utilize the IMTM Workshop, or if you want to shoot with Oupipee Studios at a great price and have me there personally, contact me today to work out something at 7706661679.

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