Tara is about to make her move in 2012!

When you hear about anybody or anything from the state of Indiana the first thing that comes to mind is basketball. The next thing is Peyton Manning. Believe it or not, there are other talented people other than athletes. One such person is Tara. Growing up in the community of Haughville was a struggle for a large family. Parents didn’t make much, but the necessities were always taken care of. When Tara was in the eighth grade someone told her she looked like a young version of Tyra Banks. This was the first time modeling was something that she thought about. Of course with that, Tyra became the model that she most patterned herself after. Graduating with a degree in Radio/Television and Film is the largest accomplishment to date for Tara, though she knows she has many more.

With her education, looks and drive, she sees herself hosting television shows, acting, modeling and starting her own line of sunglasses. Despite not having a lot of spare time, Tara enjoys designing websites, reading the latest books, and working out. And when it comes to enjoying food, crab legs and pizza are her favorites. Tara is ready to become someone that you will remember came from Indianapolis!

Tara is available for professional modeling opportunities, radio, promotions, tv and film. Email imtmworldwide@gmail.com for availability.

Tara Pryor
Measurements: 34-24-40
Height: 5’9″ Weight 150

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