Majeedah G in South Beach!

Over the past year Majeedah has dedicated herself to changing everything she was doing with the goal of setting herself up to be viewed as a major talent in the modeling and acting industries. Most recently, she has been concentrating on revamping her images.

Majeedah let me know she was coming to South Beach for a photoshoot. I, having recently moved, but still had not found a permanent place, stayed with her at the hotel she had on Ocean.

The last time Majeedah was in Miami, it was very brief. So this time she was able to do a lot of walking around to see what all is there in regards to stores and food. We did make it to the beach, where we were amazed at how much the waves were kicking up (this was during hurricane Irene, that jussstt missed us).

Many of the hotels on South Beach are old. Here is a slight reminder of how old. Check out this elevator!

Later we went to The Pershing where we had an amazing dinner! Check it out!

Of course one of the nights we were out, we had to go see Christa Graziano at Mango’s!

The whole point of her trip was to get new images, so take a look she did just that. Majeedah has a grown a great deal in her craft. I can’t show you any pictures yet, but take my word for it, Chocolate Girls are back!!!

Majeedah is looking to break the norm of what is prevalent now. She wants to show that petite, dark skinned models are needed and wanted. You’ll be a part of that, visit right now!! Majeedah is available for bookings in commercials, music videos, magazines and hosting events as well as tv/film projects. Call 7706661679 or email

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