Kavita Channe and I meet for the first time!

Over the past year I anticipated finally meeting the person known as Kavita Channe. This beautiful woman woman of Indian and British heritage has established herself as a notable factor in the industry and there are huge projects to come in 2012! First, she has her own tv show called “First Down & Dirty” that she self produces and stars in. It’s a sports based show giving the comedic side of current events in all of the sports. Now that the NFL season is underway, expect great things over the next few months. Also, the pilot for “Baseball Wives” is available to see. A take off of “Basketball Wives”, it gives a “unique” perspective on the lives of baseballs biggest stars second halves.

Besides this, Kavita regularly hosts events, does sideline reporting at sports functions, acts as a spokesperson for several products and more. Her following is growing daily, and celebs in sports and television knows who she is.

So about us meeting. I work in downtown Miami, so I suggested she meet me for lunch. She agreed, and worked her schedule to be able to come down. It wasn’t until after 3pm or so that she let me know she was coming, I knew then that our meeting should be brief (it was way after lunch taking time), but I really wanted to see her so I got on the elevator to find where she was at. After getting downstairs we play phone tag as she is trying to find a place to park and I’m trying to determine where she is per the directions she told me. I’m walking on one side of the street, looking back and forth. Then I see her. Now you know how you might be in New York or LA and you see someone who is obviously a celebrity and you pause for a moment (o that’s Halle Berry or Brad Pitt)? Well that’s how it was when I saw Kavita. You can just tell that she had something about her that stood out, (plus she was dressed nice and looked good).

She actually didn’t see me so I crossed the street and called out her name. I give her a big hug, and then she comments about how hungry she is. We take a quick look at options, but she lets me know she wanted to go to the restroom first. We walk into Starbucks (which of course has a great reputation right?). Kavita comes out and exclaims how “we are not eating here the bathroom is disgusting!). Sooo, we cross the street to what I believe was a health conscious food establishment….Guy says, “eh, you can use it, butttttt, not that clean”. We look at each other, then exit quickly. Kavita then says there is a place she goes to in Fort Lauderdale that has a location not far from where we were, so we go there.

After arriving I stand up front as she freshens up. I didn’t plan on eating as I know I have no time. Then I’m rudely asked by the person at the counter “are you ordering?” I look at her and said, “no, I’m waiting for her” as Kavita walks up. So I’m already looking evil when Kavita asks “are you eating” and I’m like, “not here, ever”. She gets her food and we walk to window seats. Forty minutes later we had talked about everything from my move to Miami, my new gig, updates on her show tapings, plans on what will be coming next, how we walked around for ten minutes looking for a clean restroom in downtown Miami and more.

Kavita is one of those special people that you hardly get a chance to meet much less actually call a friend. I’m very fortunate in both cases. Kavita has just scratched the surface as far as what she can accomplish. Yes, she has interviews with Paris Hilton, Lebron James and others. She has appeared on network television, hosted red carpet events. There is more that Kavita wants to show the world.

Visit www.kavitachanne.com to get a glimpse into her life and her world. Stay tuned for new episodes of “1st Down & Dirty” and “Baseball Wives”. Other special projects are in the works as well. Kavita Channe is close to being the “new” household name.

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