Christa Graziano can be the face of your company today!

Sometimes you’re given huge opportunities that will in the end benefit you greatly, but at the start, you might not be too enthusiastic about. With some it’s a matter of seeing how things will unfold. Others it’s just circumstances. Sometimes it’s motivation. I always say combine all of those things and make that the reason you want things to change. Christa is now doing that.

A few months ago Christa was approached about shooting in some t-shirts. She forwarded me the info. From there, a shoot was setup at a studio in SB, and she along with model Miss Paris shot in a few shirts for a clothing line.

Many things have transpired since then. A total revamping of the clothing line, restructuring of the business and the additions of new items occurred with the aid of Christa. Christa (featured in the Hustle Hard Remix music video) interviewed Ace Hood at his album release and received shoutouts from both he and DJ Khaled for the clothing line. This is just the beginning. These are exciting times, as television and film projects have started to take interest in her as well. 2012 seems poised to be a tremendous year from the young lady from Fort Myers, Fl.

Christa is a strong woman with plans that stretch over the next 15 years. From all of her past struggles or setbacks she has learned many lessons that she has now turned into strengths. She looks to teach these things to a younger generation, as she has began writing regularly (stay tuned!). I’m very proud of Christa, who I’ve seen from the very beginning grow into the superstar she is now!!!

The following are a few videos (by now you know I video everything) of the shoot with the clothing line, shot by Orinary Creations (@Orinary). Yes, it was stupid hot that day, but that doesn’t stop Christa!! Take a look!!

If you wish to support Christa in future business ventures, sponsor events she is a part of, hire her as a spokesperson for your company, hire her for your tv show or film, or book Christa for an event, send an email to and call 7706661679.

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