Leesburg Bikefest won’t be ready for Tia Guice and Beatrice Jean

Really excited about the upcoming weekend. A yearly event, the Leesburg Bikefest draws tens of thousands of motorcycle owners and enthusiasts from around the country and some from out of the country.

Tia and Beatrice will be finalists in the Ms Bikefest and Ms Harley Davidson swimsuit and motorcycle wear competitions. Not many women of color have competed over the years, so this indeed will be a big deal. Also, it’s an opportunity for media from different areas to interview the ladies and to increase their fan base. 200,000 people is a lot of people!!

With over $3000 in prize money up for grabs, should make for an interesting competition. I’m completely confident on both Tia’s and Beatrice’s chances. It will be exciting and fun and I’m sure I’ll have some great stories to write about!!

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