Anthony was very excited during his first ever shoot!

I haven’t directed a shoot for a male model yet, so I knew this would be different than working with the female models I’ve worked with to date. One, guys aren’t as self conscious as girls, and two, they get ready a little bit quicker, so it gave us more leeway when it came to finding locations to shoot.

We started out with an athletic look, in which we used football as a theme. But we used the park we were at to try other shots and you’ll see some of those images later. The second look was a business look, in which we went to two different locations. Anthony captured his first fan, the security guard at the office complex we shot at. Our final look was a casual look, which was shot at the studio. But we also tried some different looks to see how they would turn out. You’ll be the judge of that, so come back for updates soon.

Overall Anthony did a great job for never having shot before. He caught on quick and as he gets his resume and other things together, will be out attending auditions very soon. His interview video will give you a taste of what to come, so be sure to check him out on Twitter @IamHooks for more updates.

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