Keara always knew she would model, she just needed a chance.

Keara was born in Brooklyn, NY specifically East Flatbush. She grew up in a one parent home with her brother. Growing up she lacked for nothing, and Keara admits she was a little bit spoiled. In school she always attracted attention because of how she dressed and was very popular. In a Carribean household, which is Keara’s background, Sunday gatherings are a regular. So with having eight brothers and four sisters, you can imagine how much food, stories and experiences were created on a weekly basis.

Keara always thought that modeling was an eventuality for her, starting around the age of twelve. But on every attempt there would always be some kind of a set back, mostly the asking of an inordinate amount of money. Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Chanel Iman served as inspirations to pursue modeling goals. But to date, graduating high school is her highest accomplishment.

Within the next five years she looks to have attended and completed law school and then starting her own firm. To ease the stress of school, studying and working she enjoys reading novels, online shopping, or texting. Of course when it comes to food, she sticks with dishes such as Ackee, stew peas with white rice, etc.

What will Keara accomplish next? She is very determined to make people recognize that she has a talent. So pay attention over the next weeks and months, Keara is here and here to stay.

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