Christa Graziano’s Journey Into J’Adore Magazine

I don’t believe I can understate how big a deal Christa’s feature in J’ADORE Magazine is. It’s a sexy, chic Life & Style publication with nationwide distribution. Well known celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, IMAN, have graced the cover in previous years.

We have to go back to 2008. My company (named Innovative Entertainment at the time) was featured in the “Gangster Issue”.

There was a model image placed on my feature (Jannelle Salazar) but she was not one of the models I was working with. Reason that happened was one, I didn’t want a picture of myself in the magazine, and two, at the time, I didn’t have suitable images from the talent I had at the time for publishing. Since then, I’ve been determined to have someone featured in the magazine.

Bring Christa into the picture. Over the next few years, Christa had images featured in different publications (JET Magazine) or projects. Her main stay was music videos, “Money To Blow”, “All I Do Is Win”, “Bedrock”, “Hustle Hard Remix” and most recently “Bitch Bad”. She hosted several events, appeared in commercials, a campaign and other projects.

The eventuality of transitioning to commercials, television and film urged a change. The production of different images of what people were used to was necessary. This started in earnest with a photoshoot for a clothing line last year, where I first met Orin Fluerimont.

Christa had told me about this photographer where she said she loved his work, etc. I took a look and said we’d use him for the shoot. When I first met Orin, I said “why is he dressed like Tyler The Creator?” Once we get on set, I give him the gist of what we were going for, and let him take it from there. We shot some great images and that’s when I started thinking about doing more with him.

Over the next few months, I had initiated my swimsuit calendar. Kavita Channe referred a hairstylist to me that also did make up. Her name was Genevie Jacomino. Kavita was the first model I shot for the calendar and I had asked Orin if he would do it. So this was the first time that both he and Genevie worked together. As you can see, that merger was successful.

In December of last year I had a big event, IMTMIAMI Launch, where I released the cover of my calendar, announced my company move from Atlanta to Miami, and highlighted many of the beautiful models and talent I work with. Of course Christa was there, as my longest standing talent, prominent on the front of the calendar and extensive resume, I had her open the event by speaking on herself.

With several industry professionals, family, friends present, I also had a special guest at the event, publisher of J’ADORE Magazine, Taneish Leslie. I felt it was a great opportunity to meet those that I work with in person. Taneish had actually worked with Christa for the first time at a photoshoot a few weeks prior to my event. But it was here the seeds were planted to initiate the opportunity of Christa being featured in J’Adore.

As I mentioned before, I knew images would be key. So I decided to push to get a shoot together to have Christa featured in a fashion publication. Orin and Genevie were on board of course, but I didn’t have a wardrobe stylist. Genevie recommended someone she had worked with before Ana Escalante.

After getting a chance to talk to Ana and looking at her work, I decided to include her on the shoot. The shoot specifically was going to be fore Ellements Magazine, a publication I had talked to for a few weeks. Of course to organize a shoot with so many different people, the looks, hair, etc takes some time. But finally we got it together and visit the art district area of Miami along with some other places. We had a fantastic shoot and Ellements Magazine were pleased with the results.

Not long after, I showed images from the Ellements shoot to Taneish and she loved them. So I knew if anything I had the right team surrounding Christa and the next shoot would be fantastic.

So after setting a date, arranging locations, reviewing looks, etc, we set things in motion. Genevie arranged to work on Christa’s hair and makeup early, Ana also went early to walk through looks.

The rest of us were to arrive when Christa was finished. I arrive a bit early, just so I can see what Ana has picked out and check out makeup. Soon everybody is there including Orin and Daniel of ADBC Media who was recording video for us. and the first look is decided upon. We pack up and head downstairs.

There is always an element of gorilla style photography at some point on Christa’s shoots. This time, it was on the property of a condo not far from where she lives.

After getting kicked off the property, we searched for another area. As we’re walking, we notice Miami Police conducting a sting operation on people that run through the “pedestrian” walkways. Officer almost got ran over a few times, lol. We arrive at the next location where we acquired some great images of Christa in a lovely outfit by Ana, skyline of downtown Miami in the background, wind blowing, etc. Here is a image of Christa taking a break while I did a video drop.

We still had daylight once we were finished, and Orin had a specific location in mind, so we head to another part of Miami. This next location was a park, ducks, geese, barns and farm equipment. Christa had already changed into the next look, but need to get hair and makeup touched up……

There were several environments that Orin had Christa shoot against. She climbed a tree, crossed fences and somehow made it on a tractor in heels. Never scared, she had a pretty good time as you can tell.

Sunset approaches, but we still have a lot of shooting to complete. Orin had arranged use of a studio, so that was our next stop.

Genevie and Ana prepared Christa for her next look. The studio was very large, Orin setup his equipment and we shot the breeze for awhile. Also Christa was able to look at the previous looks via Ipad (shameless plug).

Now by the time we made it to the studio it was around 7 or 8pm. We had about 3 looks to shoot. Some of the shots of course were planned, but every now and then, someone gets a good idea….

One of the other reasons this shoot was exciting was the different styles of hair and clothing Christa was going to display. She had complete freedom to try different poses, but of course Orin had things he wanted to portray as well.

Mind you, hair and makeup started around 10am. Soon, it was 11pm. Pizza Break! And yes Christa had a few slices.

Around 1am everybody started getting a little fiesty. So after trying all the looks, poses we could think of, finally called it a wrap! All good things must come to an end, and I felt that we had a successful shoot. Christa was happy, that’s all I was worried about.

Christa has grown a great deal over the years. She is realizing what she can do and pushing towards it. She’s has had difficult times, just like everyone else. She didn’t allow herself to completely stop however. With support, she pushed through. Her appearance in J’ADORE Magazine won’t be the culmination of her efforts, rather, a new beginning. She has been working towards securing opportunities in commercials, television and film and more. Don’t be surprised when you see Christa on both the small and big screen very soon!!

Thanks to Orin, Genevie and Ana for the great job they did. I can’t miss with using them.

Thanks to ADBC Media for capturing the essence of our day.

Special thanks to Taneish Leslie for the opportunity! If you haven’t read an issue of yet, what are you waiting for? Order past issues and look for The Style Issue next week.

Want to get an idea of what shooting with Christa is like???????? Take a look at the video!

Christa Graziano is a talent in the industry that will be here for a long time. She’s available for television, film, event correspondent, ad campaigns and other professional projects. EPK by request. Email your project information to

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