JET MAGAZINE Submission Shoots

A few years ago, I pushed hard to have women that had not previously printed in a publication and those that had, but maybe not a publication with a long standing name to go for JET Magazine. In a short amount of time, over a dozen printed and several were put into rotation to print. Some include models such as Christa Elise, The Collins Twins and others.

I’ve decided to make another push. I would like to schedule shoots. To be considered, you must be either African, African American or mixed with African American. Simply email your name, contact info and at least two images to

There is a fee of $125 to shoot. This covers production, makeup, editing and direct submission to Director of Photography (he along with the Editor makes final decisions). You receive a cd of your pictures. Two pictures will be edited and sent to JET. You won’t have access to those images until a decision has been made (whether or not you print or not).

I’ll be looking at submissions daily. If I contact you and you decide to shoot, there is a 50% deposit due 5 days before the shoot and remainder is due the day of your shoot. If you are scheduled to shoot and do not show up, you forfeit your deposit and you will have to reschedule.

Hope that information helps. If you have questions, email me and I’ll respond.

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