Time to get to know Freddie Vazquez

Freddie Vazquez is a good friend of mine. Over the last few years I had him create a few things for my company. The new IMTM logo, draft of my swimsuit calendar, my business card and most recently Simply Innovative Magazine. Who is he? let’s find out.

Freddie was born in a self described ‘gloomy ghetto” called Bridgeport, CT.
He was raised there until the age of eleven, but when his parents divorced, he moved to Daytona Beach, FL. He lived in various cities after that, and then finally settled in Cape Coral, FL.
His early childhood was a mix of high’s and lows. Family was not wealthy, so there was a day to day struggle like most. But also living in a violent neighborhood, Freddie was exposed to things most kids never are “supposed” to see. He kept himself occupied with drawing, painting, joining the school band, etc.

But art was definitely an escape. It was during his high school years that he reached a cross roads. Although a very good student, he could not (or would not) stay out of trouble. He proclaims “I barely made it out of school, I hate the system!”.

However he did graduate and decided to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.
That decision proved to be a profitable one, as he began doing freelance work locally and even internationally
Freddie comes from a large family, with deep Puerto Rican roots.

As much as Freddie enjoyed drawing and creating images from scratch, he never put two and two together that he could make a living from it. It wasn’t until he started college that he realized how much media art and graphic design mattered on the world stage. When it comes to design style, Freddie has his own, but does pay attention to trends and individual techniques in the industry. There are always little bits of pieces of work from others that you can incorporate in your own design without “copying” and Freddie does this well.
To date, the biggest accomplishment achieved by Freddie is graduating college. He was the first in his family to do so. The work ethic to do this stays with him today, as he works at developing his craft and making a living from it.

The next five years will be important, as Freddie sees himself working in a well known design firm. He looks to expand into other areas of design and then prepare to establish his own media studio.
When not designing, Freddie spends time with family or recording music with his brother. Take a look and listen, Youtube and type “Microphone Junkies”.
Of course, Freddie loves his Spanish food. But he’ll also take on any BBQ, if he can find a soul food spot, he is there.

Now that you know about Freddie Vazquez, don’t waste time by not contacting him with your next project involving design. Magazines, album covers, logos, clothing and more. You can contact him below. The new year is here, start it right, book Freddie Vazquez!

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