J Clarke has the 2nd rehearsal for The J Clarke Collection Fashion Show!!



As 2019 ends, the J Clarke Collection is just beginning. The first show will be in 2020, and preparations are underway. The 1st rehearsal was held at Piedmont Park. In keeping with the theme of practicing in public, the 2nd rehearsal was held at StoneCrest Mall in Lithonia. On this day the plan was to again concentrate on facial expressions, but with several of the models present, it was a chance for the first time to practice spacing, posing, and more. This was the first time

Ordinary people. Just one of the themes that the fashion show will project on stage. The collection itself? J Clarke emphasizes the use of recycled fabric to increase sustainability. All designs are made to order to ensure uniqueness and style. All of the models are going to be wearing garments specifically made for them. This is going to be a unique show. Will you be there!! Make sure you’re following J Clarke at @__jclarke__ and also @imtmworldwide for future updates.


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