For Renita, the future is now!!!! Will you support her?


Sometimes it just clicks. You were meant to do more and now is the time to show everybody what you can do. This is how Renita looks at the future currently. But who is she? Let’s find out.

Renita was born in Live Oak, Florida. Her early years were spent in Barstow, California. After being the only child for over a decade, all of a sudden she became a big sister to her new brother. This meant taking on responsibilities around the house, babysitting, growing up. Although Renita was raised in a one parent household, she did have plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins around, she had a great childhood.


The first time modeling became a possibility for Renita was after she graduated high school. After being approached by a few companies she decided to move forward with one in particular. Unfortunately it turned out the company was not credible. After that experience, she felt discouraged to the point that she made the decision to move on and began attending college. Years later, at the age of forty-two, she was given the opportunity to model for Dr. Locs Hair Products. This pushed her towards becoming a natural hair model and she has been actively modeling ever since.

Instead of following particular models, she focuses on people that work hard towards their goals as she does. In her words, “I love watching brown skin people doing their thing and being comfortable in their own skin”.

Her biggest accomplishment to date was taking the time to work on herself, her insecurities so that she could accomplish dreams of becoming an established natural hair model as well as an example for others. Over the next five years she wants to operate a successful non-profit.

When she is not working, Renita enjoys spending time with her family, just unwinding in general. She has a few specialties from her kitchen including banana pudding, bread pudding and she loves seafood.

Renita’s journey is just beginning. The hard work that she has put in so far has definitely paid off. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @renita.robinson and look forward to her radio interview on the “Women In Business” show on IMTM Worldwide Radio (follow @imtmworldwideradio for updates).

Behind The Scenes of a recent photoshoot.

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