There is no doubt, Mya is ready to prove she has talent!!



If someone asked you the question, “What do you do?”, could you answer it? More importantly, could you prove it?

In life a moment comes where you have to show people that you are serious about your goals, dreams and aspirations. That moment is different for everybody. Was there one for Mya? Let’s find out.

Mya was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her mother moved to Atlanta when she was very young. Early memories as a young girl included playing with the other kids in her apartment complex, feeding neighborhood cats, just enjoying a simple life. Although she is a part of a large family, she doesn’t get to see them often. But through social media, she is able to keep up with them.

Now to answer the question at the beginning of this article. For most, there is a specific moment in life that makes a person move forward with an idea. For Mya, it was her just saying to herself “it’s time for me to stop beingĀ  shy and do it”. It’s her biggest accomplishment to date. She is very proud that she took the initiative to reach out for her goals. She always had acting as a possible occupation. But since her school didn’t have a drama club, Mya decided to wait until she could take acting classes. As far as modeling, she is enjoying what she has done so far and gaining confidence everyday.

Models such as Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell gives Mya a blueprint of how she wants to be as a talent. Their fierceness and strength as individual women are traits she works on instilling in herself. Angela Bassett and Leonardo DiCaprio are actors that Mya enjoys watching. Onscreen presence and ability to play different characters, Mya is striving to beĀ  able to do the same.

Mya is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. However, within the next five years she is looking to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and recognized as an established talent in the industry.
Because she still feels that Atlanta is new, Mya enjoys travelling throughout the city and spending times with friends and family. If you have a great macaroni & cheese dish, let her know.
Over the last few weeks Mya has pushed herself to make sure that people take notice of her skills and abilities. Visit her on Instagram @xeautiful_ and show her your support!
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