Invest In Yourself

If you are not happy with where you work or what you do to earn income, what are your alternatives? What is worth investing your money in? Stocks? Bonds? The lottery? Las Vegas? An individual? A business? An invention? Yourself? What is the answer? Does it matter? When you put money into something you should want to get your money back plus make a profit. You can make investments where you get your money back fast. You can make investments that you will get your money back slow. Do you know you can make a self-investment in yourself by simply saving a certain amount of money each month? It’s your money, why do you have to spend “all” of it each month? Ten years from now, that money could mean something to you. If you saved $100 a month for 10 years, you’d have $12,000 in the bank.

Stocks? A share of stock can be as low as a penny, as much as $1200. Risks involved in investing in stocks can be great unless you do concentrated research. You also have to decide on how much you are going to put towards investing in stocks. To make immediate money, you have to choose stocks that you can purchase, then resell at first point of a stocks “value” rising. Some stocks you get for long-term investment.

People go to Las Vegas all the time, spending large sums of money hoping to hit the “jackpot”. Sometimes they do, but always go back to lose it all, because it’s “fun”.

There are some people that invest large amounts of money trying to win it big in the lottery. They play everyday, every week, every month, for years……..

Have you ever invested a few bucks to a friend based on a “thing?”. No information given to you, but you do it just because “you are friends”.

When was the last time you did research on a company and invested your time and money into it? Became a co-owner?

Was there a time where someone created a unique product or service and they asked for your help?

Maybe you feel that it’s time to invest in yourself? If you could invest in yourself and get a return on your investment that benefits you, allows you to have more time to do things you want to do, allows you to invest in stocks, allows you to have “extra” money to pay your regular “bills”, would that be something to think about? Do you believe in yourself? You believed in yourself enough to secure the employment you currently have and stay there. That takes work, effort, and a belief that you deserve to “keep a job”. Would you take yourself less serious in working for yourself? Is there a skill or ability that you have that would make money if you put time into it? Have you attended school for years and acquired knowledge in several subjects, and your job still hasn’t paid like you feel you should for what you know? If there was a way to take everything that you know and make money off of it, would it be worth it to see what it is? Knowledge has never hurt anybody, lack of it hurts people every day.

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