She is Te`Anna, The Definition of Sexy

Dreams. Without them, there is no inspiration and without inspiration, there is no action, and without action, nothing happens. Detroit is a city built off of dreams, inspiration and action. Our automobile industry thrives there. It was the center of the universe for a long time for music. It’s fitting then, that a few decades ago, the beautiful Te`Anna was born there.

Not long after her birth, Te`Anna and her mother moved to Kentucky. Growing up was a mixture of bad and good, living in the ghetto at first. It was especially hard as Te`Annas mother was a single mother, raising several children on her on. Te`Anna has never met her biological father and to this day, she wishes she could. Eventually her mother married and her step father moved them to a wealthier part of the city. Although things were better, she sometimes felt as if “she” was a step child in the family. Early on she had aspirations to be a star, but her parents did not support her. In fact there were times were she was told to give up on her dreams. This became one of many motivating factors that has led to her current success.

Where were you when the song “Back and Forth” by Aaliyah came out? Te`Anna was in fourth grade. Seeing her dance and sing, Aaliyah became an instant role model. During her fifth grade year the group Destiny’s Child came on the scene. At this point, Te`Annas passion to be a start prompted her to start a singing group (Lil Thunders). They were able to perform once in the local school talent show, but the group broke up after that. When sixth rolled around, Te`Anna was looking at other avenues of entertaining. Watching television one day she saw her first fashion show and was instantly hooked. She begged her family to put her into modeling classes, which to her surprise, they did. However after finishing the classes Te`Anna realized she didn’t learn anything, which solidified her parents lack of faith in her “trying” to pursue her dreams.

Of course Te`Anna did not stop. Other musical influences of her childhood included groups such as SWV, TLC, EnVogue and artists like Monica, Jade, and many others. Tyra Banks was the inspiration for millions of girls. But as Te`Anna grew into her body, urban modeling fit her better. Miracle Watts is a woman that she admires very much.

Te`Anna’s biggest accomplishment is getting rid of her fears and not allowing anybody to get in the way of her goals. No longer worried about what people say, she daily works at making dreams into reality. By trial and error, failings and success, she realizes that the entertainment industry has room for her, and now is her time to GET IT!!

Over the next half decade, Te`Anna wants it to be obvious to the world that she was born to entertain. She wants to be in a position where she can decide on what projects she wants to do and turn downs the ones she doesn’t. Long term, look for both a clothing line and lip stick brand.

Te`Anna knows about sacrifice. Being a young single mother, and pursuing her career in entertainment, she currently works two jobs. So spare time is not something she gets much of. She takes advantage of traveling for modeling work, vocal performances, etc. And all time she gets to spend with her daughter is enjoyable.

Now when it comes to food, Te`Anna is not picky. You will always get in her good graces by offering jerk chicken with rice/peas and a cold Pepsi. Reppin Kentucky, she is always down for a bag of Grippos chips and Big Red. When she is a Detroit frame of mind, Better Made Chips and a Faygo…

Now you know who Te`Anna is. What makes her different? It’s not the fact she can sing, dance, model and act. It’s not because she can sing pop, R&B and she has bars for days. Te`Anna can model anything pertaining to high fashion to urban to hair and beauty, but that is not what makes her different. It’s not the fact that she decided not to “enhance” her body, everything on her is 100% real.

Te`Anna is different because she chooses to be different. She chose not to give up on her dreams. She chose not to let excuses become obstacles, like so many women do in the industry. Te`Anna has the confidence to accomplish everything that comes into her mind, and you can tell when she walks into a room, when she grabs the microphone, and when she steps in front of the camera.

Te`Anna has a goal to be the ultimate entertainer. Do you want to know more about her? Would you like to book her? Here is your first chance,

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