In the city where dreams come true, Kelly Johnson is making dreams into “reality”

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Los Angeles has so many names attached to it. The City of Angels. La La Land. The Big Orange. Everybody knows that’s where Hollywood is based. Every year, thousands of people flock there to try to fulfill promises, dreams, aspirations. Why? The film, television, fashion industry has a strong presence there. And there are decades of examples that if you work hard and have talent, you can be successful. Maybe that is the reason that Kelly Johnson made her move to go there. Let’s find out more about her.


Kelly actually was born on the other side of the country in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. She couldn’t wait to get to hospital, her mother gave birth on the way there. Kelly was raised in Maryland. The youngest in the family, she admits she was spoiled, but there were times where people forgot, and she had her moments of getting in trouble.

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Being the youngest of 6 kids, as well as having several cousins, nieces and nephews around, Kelly had strong family ties. But as she grew up, she learned to make new friends, as circumstances sometimes called for the family to move. Wasn’t always easy, but she adjusted.

It was middle school where Kelly had her first brush with the entertainment industry. For the 8th grade graduation ceremony, she was in a group selected to sing. Students had individual parts. Kelly recalls how nervous she was, and how even though her part was a speaking role, she sounded like a bird falling out of a tree. So she decided music was not her thing, lol.


Modeling however was another story. This Caribbean/Indian combination of body and beauty started looking at models in the industry. Tyra Banks of course. But also other women like Dani Evans and Chanel Iman. Being able to relate to successful models with her skin tone helped her confidence in a big way.


As Kelly did her research and observations about modeling, she soon came to a decision that she could not stay on the East Coast and be successful. That is when Kelly decided to move to Los Angeles. Many tried to talk her out of making such a big move on her own. Her mother even said that she would fail and come back home.

This young woman should be an example of what you can do when you put your mind to it. To achieve dreams, sometimes you have to sacrifice. Kelly made a decision to leave college to put full concentration on her modeling and acting. Instead, she makes it a point to self invest in her own education, reading books about business, different industries, finance, etc.


You see her pictures, but would you believe that working out “isn’t” something that Kelly does a lot of? A true island girl, she loves having a meal of ox tail, rice and peas. But she knows her body is her “bread & butter” so she never over does it.


Kelly Johnson is a model for the present and the future. Her exotic look literally makes people stop and stare. And now the industry is starting to take notice. Just because she is new does not mean she can’t make an impression. Soon you will see her on television shows, movies, face of fashion lines and much more. You can book Kelly for your budgeted project by emailing




Height 5’6
Weight 105
Bust 34
Waist 26
Hips 38
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


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