Are you ready to get professional?

If your music sounds bad, why should someone put you on the radio? Pay you to perform?

If your pictures are bad, why should someone feature you in their magazine? Make you the face of a clothing line?

If you have no headshots, how do casting directors remember who you are once you leave the audition?


When you continue to be unprofessional you put yourself in a position where you have to do things you don’t want to do. You are forced to do things for people because you “owe them”. You are forced to accept job opportunities for the sake of “exposure” rather than someone believing you actually can help promote their brand.

If you do what is necessary in the first place, you seldom put yourself in unfavorable positions. If you get your own photos, headshots, music mixed and mastered, there is no way you can be signed to unreasonable contracts, having to be “special friends” with people.

Some don’t mind sacrificing their moral ground for opportunities to “become famous”. They look at people that have had sex on camera, sex with photographers, video directors, magazine publishers, and others and figure it’s a viable way to make things happen. Some look at it as “the only way”. Applies to both men and women.

To go down this path… a mistake. Even if it “works” in one instance, it puts you in a position of being “typecast” as a person willing to literally do anything for an “opportunity”. For “Exposure”.

Don’t put yourself in that position. Be independent. Take ownership of your brand from the very start. Control your image and how people will perceive you over the first 5 years of your career. You can’t do that if you continue to present unprofessional tools that represent “you”.


Prove to people how serious you are, get professional.



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