Beauty abroad. The Okan Twins are ready to take over….times 2!


What are some of the things you think of that come in twos? Double stuff Oreos. Mcdonalds Mcpick deal. Value soap from Walmart. How about twins? Yes, twins always have a special place in our world. There are not many of them, they are always fun to be around and many times they end up doing big things. Probably the most noted twins in the world are the Olsen Twins. They began as very young toddlers, and amassed a massive empire. They recently turned thirty years old. So why would you be interested in a set of twins located in London, England??? Here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to the Okan Twins today.



Samantha and Casilda were born in the borough of Hackney in the United Kingdom. They grew up in Essex, in the areas of Thurrock and Havering. They have two brothers and a sister, so growing up was sometimes hectic between periodic arguments and moving to different homes, losing and making new friends. Despite this, they remain close with all of their family members.



Around the age of six, both young ladies began showing interest in becoming involved in the entertainment industry. They enjoyed performing, whether it was school plays, or entertaining guests at family parties. As they got older and a little taller, modeling became a strong interest, especially because so many people suggested they should try. And that’s exactly what they did and they have enjoyed it ever since.

Both girls have people that inspire them in regards to acting and modeling. In regards to acting, they pay attention to Kate Winslet, Lupita Nyong’o, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio. What makes these particular actors and actresses special in the eyes of Sam and Cas is their ability to make the characters they play believable. This is a quality that they strive to be able to learn and master themselves. They feel actors should have a passion for their craft, and these five personifies that.



Of all the models in the world, Naomi Campbell is a woman that the twins look to the most as someone to follow and learn from. There are still not many women of color in modeling, Naomi was on the short list of super models known throughout the world, and still carries huge visibility to this day. Longevity in the industry is important for Sam and Cas, which is another reason they chose Naomi as a mentor.


Not giving up in the face of obstacles and disappointments is the biggest accomplishment to date for the Okan Twins. The industry is very hard to get started in much less get established. However this has not deterred them, and they are very determined to become successful. Over the next five years they see themselves as global ambassadors, using their modeling and acting accomplishments to help those in need.

When they are not working, exercising or practicing monologues, the girls enjoy taking time out to spend with friends. They love going to the movies, preparing themselves by imagining how they would play a particular role. Proving that pretty girls love food too, Sam and Cas can be found at the local pizza parlour, sushi bar or seafood restaurant.


You now have a personal introduction to The Okan Twins. These are special young ladies that want to work hard to prove they deserve any and all opportunities presented to them. They are available for booking for both acting and modeling opportunities in the U.K. and U.S. To get their availability email your project information and budget to

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Height 5’6

Weight 121

Bust 36DD

Waist 27

Hips 36

Hair Black

Eyes Brown

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