Dani Monique hasn’t stopped working hard

Dani appears in the television pilot “Matriculation” that will be coming out soon. I’ve posted a montage of clips to give you an idea about the project.

Over the last year or so, Dani has focused solely on building on her acting abilities. She realizes that there is a lot of competition, and not just anybody is going to land a principal role in a project. Otherwise, everybody would be on television and movies right now. So from working as an extra or a stand-in, to filming her own monologues, to her current project, she steadily works to make sure she gives the best impression of what she can do. She also ensures serious people reach out to her by creating her own website (www.danimonique.com).

Dani Monique is someone to watch for because she is truly talented and dedicated to her craft.

Currently Dani is available television, film, voice over and commercial projects. Click on “Booking” on the home page for further inquiries.

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