Tia had a “moment” with her recent trip to Atlanta.

Tia Guice is a college student, works, and somewhere in between pursues modeling and acting. In a recent trip to Atlanta, she was able to meet dozens that work in different areas of the entertainment industry. Although it wasn’t a trip she planned, she noticed a reoccurring theme, she was not as prepared as she should be.

From spending multiple days and nights in Atlanta she saw first hand the amount of attention people gave her, whether it was at an event or the gas station. And it wasn’t just random people, these were people who had businesses, publications or events in which they showed interest in having her involved.

Of course, this is Atlanta, so everything moves forward with caution and research. But in the end, if they know she has a process and procedure to book her, they will follow it.

Whether or not Tia moves to Atlanta or begins to make frequent trips outside of her city, she knows that to put herself in the best position, she has to have the portfolio, the business cards, headshots, etc. Because you never know whose path you might cross. Tia is smart, talented and beautiful and ready to take that next step.

Tia Guice is currently available for hair and beauty, commercials, television and film projects. Click on “Booking” on the home page to send your information if interested.

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