“Zapped”, starring Christa Graziano.

Ya’ll don’t know how long I’ve waited to see this! I remember when Christa first told me about it, sent me the story and lines, etc. I can recall how her readings went and everything. So to see the finished product is really exciting for me. One, cause I have a reel I can show people and two it’s cool to hear and see the words that were on paper come to life. Really very excited, maybe more than she is, but when you see the potential in someone you’ve believed in become manifest, its a really good feeling.

So check out this short film, “Zapped” by Joanne Flovella. Everyone has a start, and tho Christa has appeared in several music videos, hosted dozens of events, appeared in great magazine publications, this is her being seen in a totally different light, ACTRESS!

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