Are you a bandwagon fan?


Y’all stuck it out for every drafted Hawks player to be better and they didnt. Jon Contract. Doug Edwards. Adam keefe. HANNO, Scoonie. Ed gray. Cal Bowdler…waited for Josh Smith to be better. Josh Childress. AL to get better (who in the 2 championship years avg 11 and 7, then 13 and 9….he was who he was in college), Jeff Teague…(we all saw Teague Time. Flashes of greatness, then he vanishes, like he isn’t even in the nba). We all waited for Marvin Williams, the number 2 draft pick, to become a dominant player. But NOW, Trae is greatest mistake in Hawks history?


Even after being shown again and again the numbers of some of the best players in history in their first moments of NBA player also were not great bit still managed to become NBA players, NBA stars, NBA mvps, NBA champions? If you weren’t prepared to stop supporting the team and players for the last 35 years, why so animated to do it now?? But ignore other top players bad play, like Bagley?  Trae hasn’t had a 1 point game yet. 1 point, you know how hard it is to play 30 minutes and only have 1 point when you are 7 feet tall, 30 foot wing span, can handle the ball, can shoot, etc etc etc. I hope Trae has a rookie year like The Claw, or Reggie Miller, or Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash. Or John Smoltz or Tom Glavine. Roddy played 16 games his rookie season, caught 29 passes. Why not cut him? Prince scored 5.7 his rookie year…trash. Dennis, 3.7, first year, 49 games played…unfortunately we had our chances to get players that figured it out from the jump like Chris Paul, we didn’t do that, wouldn’t do that. But there hasn’t been many like that, most have to figure out their game, that takes time, more than 3 summer league games. They have to be coached, they have to play. And, they have to want to do it. We have had players on our roster that obviously not trying to be the best player they could be and nobody held them accountable. Nobody demanded AL to be more than 14 and 7 even tho he showed he could be more. Nobody demanded Jeff to “Teague Time” 40 minutes a night not just half a quarter. Nobody demanded Dennis to stop zoning out in games, stop waving your hands in the air after being blocked at basket or turning ball over for the 5th time. Because if someone had, those players careers would be different.

STARTING OVER means growing pains, and also applies to coaching. Quinn was never a head coach, got his chance. Now Falcons are legit Superbowl contenders yearly. Woody hadnt coached before, but somehow took a below .500 team to playoffs and competed. You missed my show Tuesday, in the Jordan’s Jewels segment, you know who has Hawks winning percentage better than Bud? Larry Pallbearer Drew. Lloyd will be fine. We need to stop. It’s July. We don’t know what any of this year’s draft class is actually going to do yet. Luka hasn’t even had a practice much less a scrimmage and might not play any summer league at all. Dallas fans haven’t written him off yet. Sacramento hasn’t run off after securing the Bag after 3-16 night then a 1 point game (back to back games). I know this won’t matter to majority of people, but a reboot is what we have and we need to support it just like we have for all these years. Or not, and you can support the Lakers because Bron is there.

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