Hawks fans, and reputation

What amazes me is people want to fight for Dennis as if he has been the best point guard in the NBA, or eastern conference, or the division. As if you feel he is right now better than kemba (who outplays him), Wall (always gets more assists and points), Kyrie (unstoppable and has a ring), Ben Simmons. As if you feel Dennis has the maturity level to actually lead this team despite losses that will happen this year (after saying he don’t want to lose his prime years on a losing team). We have to move forward, and sooner we cut ties with Dennis the better. Pelicans can still be convinced to overlook legal trouble. Maybe Pop will give Dennis a shot, but he shouldn’t stay here. And for those who still keep claiming that teams should lose on purpose, how does keeping Dennis fit your narrative? Dennis makes the team better by default of his 19 a game average. We haven’t signed a free agent yet. You know we have Collins. Prince. You see Tyler is ready. Omari already showing he is tough. Amd Kevin will be playing later. You know what Dedmon will give you. Baze is still here. We have a nice young team with a mix of vets. We might get Lavine (Bulls have re-signed him since this post). The summer league team has a team mostly of people that will not play in the NBA plus a few that obviously will and a few that might have a chance. They have never played before together. Lloyd has never been the main man before. This is a group learning curve. We should be looking at all the positives, not linger on negatives. And for those will still insist on believing the worst, you should be happy Trae isn’t getting 30 and 10 right off the bat so we can lose all these games that you want to lose. But I feel you that wish ill on the young man, you will be proved wrong. Stop being mad at the world and support your team and the players that want to be here.

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