Do you want to be a part of a winner or a loser?

What will happen if Hawks don’t get a top 3 draft pick? Will you stop being Hawks fans? What will happen if Hawks do get a top 3 pick, and they end up being Marvin? Do you really disdain the players and organization that much for getting rid of veterans over a period of time to reboot the team and now we have fresh blood, you don’t want them to succeed either? What happens when this team is fully healthy and they establish a rhythm on offense and stop turning the ball over? What happens when Prince gets out of his slump? What happens when Trae and Collins run the pick and roll like Stockton/Malone, Nash/Amari? What happens when Bembry and Justin are locking down people on court at same time? Are you going to quit being a Hawks fan? Everything is a “what if”, but there is more than enough evidence to see where the team and players are trending and it is positive, not negative.


Support the team, whatever happens, happens. Fans do not dictate wins or losses, so why keep “wishing” on losses rather than “hoping” they win? If they lose, they tried their best. If they win, team is better than you thought. Support the failures and the success. They are rebuilding an organization from scratch. This rebuild began in 2015 when Tony Ressler became majority owner of the team. We currently have 7 players on the roster as result of the draft since 2015 (Trae, Collins, Prince, Omari, Kevin, Tyler, Bembry). We have more picks coming from moves made during this recent draft. We have money for free agency. We have current veterans with histories of success and/or great potential. We have players that want to play here and win here. That is what we need to be “embracing”, not the premise of “losing on purpose”. Joe Smith, Anthony Bennett, Kwame Brown, Danny Manning, did those number 1 picks work out? Look at the records before and after the pick for that answer (I gave details on “Around The ATL Episode 20 For the Hawks, Jon Konack, Josh Childress, Shelden Williams, Marvin Williams, Adam Keefe, Rumeal Robinson, Demarr Johnson, Al Horford. These were the top 10 or higher picks the organization selected. Where does our organization stand after that? Think about all the other picks that were made that it was obvious nobody did any scouting, no research, or has blank recollection of the rules. For example,  the Hawks drafted Arvydas Sabonis in 1985 with the 77th pick, but since he was under 21, the pick was voided. Stan Kasten swears he doesn’t have clear memory of protocols, maybe he thought Sabonis was 22, all kinds of crazy. He wanted to “roll the dice”…..really????

The Sacramento Kings have had 12 straight years of losing since 2006. This year, they are currently 2 games above .500 for the first time since 2014 (they lost 53 games that year).

The Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets have had 11 losing seasons, 3 winning seasons since 2004. In 2011 they only won 7 games, the first year of Kemba Walker. In 2012, they drafted Michael Kidd Gilcrest, number 1.

The Philadelphia 76ers have had 11 losing seasons, 2 winning seasons since 2003 (one of those was last year). Do you know how many players that the team has drafted since 2013? 24. How many are still on the team?  Simmons, Joel, Fultz, and Shamet.


Winning involves several things going right, regularly. Ownership, management, coaching, the players, health. You have to have ownership that actually cares about the team having success rather than it just being an investment. Management has to have knowledge of the sport to be able to make roster and coaching decisions. Coaches have to have exceptional knowledge of the game and how to handle individual players both with the game and personalities. Players have to stay healthy to be on the field of play. Teams that have this go right on a regular basis, win. Yes, you have instances where a team seems to have everything come together all at once and they win. Cubs finally winning the World Series. Dallas Mavericks winning an NBA Championship. The Larry Brown Detroit Pistons. Some defy the injury part and still win like the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Superbowl with a backup quarterback.


The general manager of a team controls who is under contract. The coach/manager has to decide who to put on the court, field, pitch (soccer). The draft was installed for parity, for a team that does poorly one year have a chance to get better by drafting young talent the next. The “lottery” system was created to discourage teams from losing on purpose. You could lose 82 games, 16 games, 162 games, but there is a chance, that you still may not get the number 1 pick.

2010, the Minnesota Timberwolves had the worst record in the NBA at 17-65. The Cavs got the number 1 pick with a record of 19-63 and drafted Kyrie Irving. Wolves drafted Derrick Williams…

2012, the Orlando Magic had the worst record in the NBA at 20-62. The Cavs got the number 1 pick with a record of 24-58. They drafted Anthony Bennett. Orlando drafted Victor Oladipo.

2013, the Milwaukee Bucks had the worst record in the NBA at 15-67. The Cavs got the number 1 pick with a record of 33-49. The drafted Andrew Wiggins. Bucks drafted Jabari Parker.

Nothing is guaranteed. High draft picks do not guarantee success (Melo drafted 3rd). Draft picks 10 and under are unknown (Kobe drafted 13th, 5 rings). Free agents or big trades may or may not change your franchise (Shaq changed the Lakers, Melo didn’t change the Knicks).

We don’t know what the next 10 years will bring for the Atlanta Hawks. We do know that we have now have a singular owner that is making decisions to make this team a championship team and it’s all he says every day. He is vocal and visable. We have a GM that has made moves that are discernably better than the people before him have made. You can see the progress, it’s tangible. There is a new arena, new training facility for the team, the G-league team has been moved here. Everything speaks of growth and success, and winning. To not support any of that, means that you don’t want a winner, you want to be a loser. As fans, we control one thing, the narrative that the city of Atlanta is not a sports city. That we don’t support our teams like other cities do. That we do not feel any of our teams will ever be winners. We have to change the perception. Stop having a loser mentality. Stop having a defeatest attitude. Stop giving up on the team because of one loss. It’s not about settling. You can appreciate the past (going to the playoffs 10 years in a row, the 60 win season, Nique’s years) and not settle. We all want more, but we could be a forever losing franchise, with no hope of winning, because your owner doesn’t care. We could be the LA Clippers. Or Charlotte. Or the Kings. Or the Wizards. There are other teams that have not won an NBA Championship. But now, we have a core group that you can “feel” that we have a chance at something special. We need to embrace it. Enjoy it. Tomorrow starts Today!


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