Amaryllis said she wanted to do it, and did it!

About a month ago Amaryllis said that she was going to be entering a local pageant. She called and said she’d never done it before but she wanted to try. There were things she’d never done before (like walk in heels), being interviewed, etc. About a week before the pageant she stopped by. We discussed choices in dress, hair, potential questions she might be asked and more. She brought her heels over and so we put music on and I helped make sure she had a walk she’d be comfortable with and that she could do it in heels. She sent me her choices in swimsuit in text message and she seemed to be ready. Her event was the same weekend of my Atlanta trip, so I wasn’t able to attend. But Saturday evening she hits me up that she made it to the state final competition!! It was very exciting to hear this news and again proves that if you put your mind to something, you can make it happen!! You’ll see more of Amaryllis as the year progresses.

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