Christa Graziano and her first film experience

photo by Jasmin Design & Photography

Christa almost didn’t make the audition to this project at all. After a long night at work, she overslept some. I get a phone call with her telling me that she’s not sure she’s going to go cause she doesn’t want to go late and also, she hadn’t read the script she was given enough to be comfortable. I tell her it’s much better for you to show up late then not at all, especially for this being an audition you were asked to attend and scheduled. Then it was a matter of estimating how late she would be from where she lived to audition location. I tell her to call ahead and let the person know that she’ll be there. Plus, she wasn’t the only one auditioning so she’ll probably would get there right on time. Well she did attend and was chosen for the role she read for. Last weekend, she shot the short film, and from what I know it went very well. It is science fiction based, and the character she plays is very interesting. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some still shots from it soon! Congrats to her and watch for more of her this year!

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