Well, Stacee Collins of The Collins Twins outright said it’s a conspiracy and politics, and wouldn’t believe otherwise unless the Celtics won. Obviously that didn’t happen. Effort beats out X’s and O’s every time. And you better not say Perkins being gone lost that game. Perkins is not Rondo, KG, Allen or “The Truth”, and last I checked they were all in the stat line. So we have a game 7, in LA. The bench for the Lakers played like they all were getting cut this summer, Phil said something I’m sure. Gasol played like he normally does (like Kobe said off ABC comments, he was due for a bad game), and Artest made up for those free throws and played very well. Barring the whole team forgetting where Staples Center is thursday, I don’t see how the Lakers lose game 7 as long as Kobe is breathing.

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