Amaryllis hasn’t let circumstances deter her goals

Like most young ladies her age, Amaryllis has day to day issues. Boys, school, finding a part-time job, school, boys, school, finding a part-time job and, boys. On top of that, she lives in a place that isn’t the best place to believe you could be more than what you are. Modeling is something that she has wanted to do for a long time. With hard work, perseverance and practice, Amaryllis has shown that you can get better at something if you really want to. From her first shoot to her most recent shoot, Amaryllis has been able to capture several emotions and looks. Visit “Testimonies” and look for her videos over the past few months. You’ll agree, Amaryllis is worth taking a look at. Next, click on “Booking” to find out how you can have her in your next project.

Measurements and Info
Height 5’3 Weight 105
Puerto Rican

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  • Elizabeth Mercado
    13 years ago

    I like Amaryllis Vargas …. she is a perfect model……… and this picture is perfect modelig and very fahion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Thank you. she is very hard working.

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