Atlanta Falcons best in the NFC, Hawks back on track, I told you so about the Heat. Nascar

So earlier in summer I said this could be the year the Braves, Hawks and Falcons win the respective championships. Braves got knocked out the playoffs. The Falcons are 9-2 and if they beat Tampa and New Orleans over the next few weeks they will lock up division and have great shot at home field for playoffs. The Falcons have proved they can play with anybody. Running game, solid. Passing game, one of the best. Defense, they can stop you. Kicking game, aces. The two teams they will probably face in playoffs they have beaten and they will beat Philly if they play them again. Will speak on the Falcons season after Tampa game.

The Hawks had a bit of a slump, but 3 straight road wins and they look like they did at start of season. Two out of three championships would be cool.

The Miami Heat. You know the owner of the Cleveland Cavs said they would end up with a better record than the heat. At time of this post, Cleveland is only one game behind them. All the great teams in the past really had two superstars, not three. Magic and Kareem, Bird and Mchale, Jordan and Pippin, Kobe and Shaq, Duncan and Robinson and then Duncan and Parker, Kobe and Gasol, Wade and Shaq. Having a “third” superstar by definition means somebody isn’t scoring, on basis of there isn’t enough shots. Unless you put that third superstar on the bench, it’s not going to happen this year, cause the rest of the team they have can’t compete against D-league players. So basically it’s 3 against 11 every night. Which means if one of your three has a bad night, you’re going to lose.

And don’t bring up coaching. At end of day, play hard, shoot better, play some defense. These are “super stars”. They are supposed to make people around them better and they are supposed to dominate their positions and on the floor at the same time, what’s the problem???

Jimmy Johnson won his 5th points championship in a row a few weeks ago. Put this in perspective. He finished number 1 or in the top 10 in over 20 plus races a year beating out 40 other drivers a race for 5 years in a row. He avoided running out of gas, getting into wrecks, engine blowing out, making driving mistakes more than 40 other drivers, thousands of laps, 5 years in a row. Remember, you’re in that car for hours, no breaks, 200 mph, every weekend, from Feb-Nov. If anything speaks on Nascar being a sport, I think all of this does. I want to be a sponsor for a team one day.

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