Actress Dila Lino not letting being surrounded by water stop her!

Dila Lino lives in Hawaii. To most, this would sound like the best place on earth to live. Yes, it’s beautiful, weather almost always perfect, great food. However, if you have aspirations in modeling and acting, opportunities are few and far between. Everything is on the mainland for the most part. Honolulu isn’t a short drive away, or a cheap plane ticket.

Despite this, when opportunities did present themselves, she took hold of them. She has appeared in several fashion shows, television programs in the local area. To her credit she has a magazine cover, music video and appearances in network television shows such as Hawaii 5-0 and Off The Map (2 upcoming episodes) and also has a principal role in the film “Soul Saviour”.

Dila Lino will be moving to the mainland in June 2011. She is poised for a very successful year, make sure you’re a part of it!!! Click “Dila Lino Interview” below to get an idea of what’s coming!!!


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