Is she going to do it? She wants to, if you let her.

Christa has been through a lot, much more than the typical person her age has gone through. Both positive and negative experiences, family up’s and downs, personal accomplishments and disappointments. Could she have quit by now? Yes. Should she have? Maybe. But what good would that do her, when she knows she is as talented and attractive as anybody out there.

I personally believe in Christa deeply. I know what her capabilities are. Whether or not people give her the opportunity to prove it, that’s just a matter of being in front of people of worth. As Christa builds on her presentation tools, she continually practices so that if someone comes across her or is referred to her, she is ready.

This young woman deserves respect. She deserves the right to ask questions and get answers about anything offered to her. Why would she just do “anything” just “because”? If you want to book someone like Christa, you will respect her process in reaching her and if you do, you have a great chance for her to enhance your project.

You get what you pay for and you get what you don’t pay for.

Christa Graziano is available for network television, commercial, film and event hosting opportunities. To ascertain her availability and to receive her resume, please click on “Booking” and send appropriate project information.

There is no law that says you have to be unprofessional. Treat people well, and you’ll always get the best talent for your projects.

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