It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, ask Miles Kelly


When Miles made a decision to pursue a career as an actor, he did it because it was what he really wanted to do. But of course, when it comes to getting started in something that you’ve never done before, you find it’s not as easy as you might think that it is. You don’t know who to reach out to in order to get help. Some people are not sincere or reliable if they offer help. Life happens, which sometimes sets you back. Despite all of this, Miles is now on a path to success. But, who is Miles Kelly?

Born in Houston, TX, he actually grew up in the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The 10th largest city in the state, unless you were a farmer or into fishing, you may not have a job opportunity. Miles was raised in a single mother household along with two other brothers. His father was not around, but his mother worked hard to make sure they had the basics. He developed good traits, but also a few bad habits. One thing he appreciated was fact his grandmother, uncle and cousin also lived in area, family was important to him.

Miles had an inclination towards sports. He played football, and other sports. But boxing was something he took really serious. The entertainment industry was another goal he wanted to accomplish, and now he is taking the opportunity to pursue it. Seeing artists like 50 Cent, athletes like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson become actors definitely motivated him. Actors like Michael B Jordan, Idris Elba and Leonardo DiCaprio were actors he enjoyed watching and the type of movies they worked on.

Everyone has different paths to get what they need. Miles accomplished getting his GED, which was important to him, being a young father. In the next five years his plans involve establishing himself as a working actor in television and film. In his spare time he works out, spends time with his son, and works at getting better as an actor. One thing to know about Miles, he takes being in shape seriously. But sometimes he will be seen eating hotwings and fries, but he makes up for it with a few extra gym sessions.

Even though Miles had a slow start getting out the gate as compared to other actors, he is determined to finish what he has started. His confidence makes others around him want to root for him, and he is gaining fans and followers because of it. If you wish to book Miles, email him at

Miles interview on IMTM Worldwide Radio


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