Lebron James


Hawks fans. Hawks fans from the 80’s hated Larry Bird. Why? His teams stopped the Hawks from advancing. Hated the original IT. Why? Prevented our team from advancing. Hated jordan. Why? Stopped us from advancing. But we “did” respect them, for how they played. There were no unnecessary “antics”. There were no “forced turnover” of a roster initiated by them. They played with whoever was on the roster. They stayed with their teams. One of the main reasons Hawks fans don’t like Lebron James is the fact he has elliminated our team from the playoffs several times.  A reason that basketball fans in general dislike Lebraon is “the Decision”. And then “Decision 2”. And a perceived “Decision 3”. Another reason, “demonstrative flopping”. He is 6’8, 260, how are all these players knocking this man 10 feet across the floor? All the ghost hits, then pretends his head is bleeding (he really was checking for blood in the Indy series).


And then, with all of that, yes, he has made 7 straight finals. But for how he is touted, to not win the finals tho being the best player in the world, it always goes back to “he doesn’t have enough help”. He calls out players (Kevin Love 2 nights ago). Coaches are not viewed as the actual coach, they just happen to be on the bench in a suit and tie. Of course, there was cramp gate. Now there are some that don’t like the grief Bron gets. They say “look at what he is doing, the numbers”. He has never gotten in trouble off the court. He has done tons in the community. That’s all true. And people do respect that. They don’t hate lebron. They dislike all the other stuff. They dislike what the NBA has morphed into because of the “decision”, and how that initiated the “Big 3” movement. Yeah, we can say “baskeball oldheads” are just haters. But it’s more than that. What will be the excuse if Cavs make it to finals again, then lose? And will Lebron “AGAIN” leave the Cavs? What will be said then? And in two years will he again return to the Cavs to retire? Yes, its few and far between where an NBA great starts and finishes his career with the same team (Yes, Jordan finished his career with the Bulls, then decided he wanted to play some more, and did not want to play for Bulls ownership, and since he had ownership stake in Wizards, he played for them). But as fans of a particular team, you want to pull for the players on the “team”. You want to pull for players that want to be there. That’s why people in OKC will always support westbrook. He wants to win a ring for OKC. Giannis wants to win in Milwaukee. Prince wants to win in Atlanta. That counts.

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