You have been paying money to make money for a long time.

Lottery. You pay money to get a ticket that you “hope” is the winning ticket. If you happen to win, it’s only based on the fact that you paid money.

Stock options. You pay money on options that may or may not have value over a period of time. But if they do increase in value you have the leverage of selling shares of our stock to make money.

Investments. You put money into real estate. For example you find out about houses that taxes have not been paid on, pay them, and then decide to either sell house “as-is” or make repairs (that you have to pay for) and then sell it to make a profit. You invest money into gold, silver, oil with the purpose of creating an asset that you can sell later.

School. Purpose is to learn things to be able to get a job. Grades K-12 you spend money to eat in the lunchroom. Pay money for clothes and shoes. Pay money for pens, pencils, backpacks. 12 years of spending money on the premise that you will make money because of what you have learned.

You go to college. If you didn’t get a scholarship, you’re paying for classes, food, books, a place to live if you’re out of state.

You get a job. You go to work every day. You pay for clothes and shoes to wear to work. You pay for a car, gas and insurance to drive to work every day. You put clothes in the cleaners to make sure you’re presentable for work. You’ve paid someone to take care of your kids while at work, you paid money going to different cities for company training, etc. You pay for things the company may not provide regarding tools, uniforms, etc. In exchange, you get a paycheck for as long as you’re able to stay at that job.

These are just a few examples, and none of them are guaranteed. Because you may never win the lottery, stock market could crash, again. Nobody may buy the house you purchased or you may not make a profit. And for the education that you secure, you may never earn the income you believe you deserve plus the debt that you create for yourself paying for school, you may never pay off. And you never know when the job you do secure will lay you off or fire you to where you have to start over again.

You’ve paid money to make money for a long time. So why do people act like the concept is foreign?

And if you don’t have money to play the lottery, buy stocks, invest in real estate it’s time for you to start making it!

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