When it’s time for you to purchase a BMW, go see David Cornell!

It’s been a long time since I’ve shopped for a new vehicle. One of the perks of working for myself is that when I reach a certain level, the company I work with pays for a BMW and gives it to me. So I figured I’d go and visit the local dealership and see what they had.

I’ve never actually driven a BMW before. In the past I sold cars, but never a luxury line. So I knew it would be a change of pace. The first thing you notice, price tag. Cars are not inexpensive. But hey, I won’t be paying for it, and I wasn’t buying anything that day either.

After waiting a moment on the lot, a salesperson came outside. It was a Saturday, and nobody was on the lot at the time. I explain the situation, and pointed out how I’m thinking about sedan, but because of my knee an suv might be the better choice. So he picked out two vehicles to test drive. One was the 750 LI and the other was the X5. One thing I noticed, I wasn’t pushed for a lot of personal info, or “tested” before test driving the vehicles. I never felt any pressure to actually put down $10,000 for a car. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had on a lot, and that’s saying a lot after living in Atlanta and Miami.

When it comes to a vehicle, the 7 series BMW is excellent. The options, luxury, safety features, engine, are second to none in my opinion. Many features are ones that I look for, especially ones that I like in other vehicles. But, that getting in and out the car still had me a bit worried. So we drove the X5, which has all of the features of the 7 series, but functionality of a off road vehicle. Both cars are definitely options however, and can’t wait until my time to get one.

One of the executives of the company arrived in town two weeks ago. I took a picture of his vehicle, just to show the name that is placed on the corner. What is too good to be true actually is true, just most are not able to work as hard as others to achieve it.

I found out that you are indeed given a salesperson even though you’re not making the payment on the vehicle. So when 5Linx lets me know to go and pick out my vehicle, I already have a salesperson, David Cornell.

David Cornell is who you want to work with if you’re in the market for a BMW and live in Columbus, Lagrange, Fort Benning and surrounding areas. He is an Army Veteran, a family man, Braves fan, great guy. Call him at 520-561-5610 or email him at dcornell@bmwofcolumbus.com and be sure to tell him Chris Royster sent you.

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