What really matters to you? Be Honest.

You can’t just go to college for sake of going to college. You can’t go without having a plan on what you’re going to do after college. I’ve always said there is nothing wrong with spending $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 on college with the clause that you will either pay attention in class and secure the specific career you went to school for or move to the city where your career has a job opening. If you don’t do that, you’re wasting money, because you’ll end up working somewhere that nothing you went to school for applies. You’ve wasted money and you’ve wasted time that you can’t get back. You go to college to get specific knowledge about something, things that you have to know that a company either can’t or isn’t willing to train you on. careers will not train you. jobs will. Now, if you go to school with a mind of starting your own business, you shouldn’t do that unless you’re committed with making the investment to start your own business and will commit to at least 5 years. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money (that you have to pay back to somebody). Now if you have a particular skill (or gift), maybe you can utilize it and start your own business without going to college. you still will have to make an investment in what you are doing, because you have to compete in your marketplace, trying to grab customers and clients. without the overhead of college loans, you have a better chance at overall success, but you still have to work. You’ll still work the job you currently have, you’ll still continue to learn new things, take short classes, etc. The point is, have you made a real decision to do something other than what you are doing? It doesn’t matter how long it takes to make “it”. The movie stars you see on tv, it took them years to get where they are now. The music artists that you see, took them years to get where they are (most of them one hit wonders, but they made it). The people that have created the billion dollar companies of today, took years of trial and error and failures and losing all of their money, until one they, they figured it out and made it. so what makes you better than them. if you’re not willing to plan a direction for yourself, move forward with it, make the sacrifices, take risks, fail, fail and fail again. You’ll never have the opportunity to succeed. Because somebody else is going to come behind you and do what you were going to do.

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