What prevents you from starting your own business?

Have you ever seen the space shuttle launch? You have the countdown, 10, 9, 8, etc. At launch, tons of fuel are touched off and fired, immense pressure and force begin to propel the shuttle off the ground. This takes a few moments and it even looks like nothing is happening. But the “clock” has started and the shuttle starts moving up. Tons of metal is moving through the air, breaking the sound barrier, pushing through the atmosphere. Then, when finally it reaches space, the rockets shut off, and the shuttle is cruising, thousands of miles a second. Its made it. That is what starting a business is like. You have a countdown, getting everything ready and prepared, investing in what is needed to make sure you have your license, office, product, equipment, advertising, etc. Then you launch, and its exciting, people finding out who you are for the first time, you’re conducting business. But at the very first its slow, almost like you’re not making much headway. You continue to move forward, and things pick up speed. finally, you break through, and you’re cruising. But if you never get started, how can you ever break through???? Are you ready to start your own business???? If this makes you think, call Chris at 7063938426 to discuss.

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