We’re talkin Base….Ball….Whole new ballgame, for real.

For the first time since 1990, Bobby Cox will not be in the dugout. That alone is going to be strange. I’ve been a Braves fan since 1990, sat through that horrible season, then experienced the 91′ season (Sid sliding across homeplate, house went crazy).

Only Chipper remains from the 95 World Series team. For exception of our main starters and a few position players, the Braves field an entirely new team. This was an eventuality of course with how the front office works salaries. But they have looked forward, locking up key pieces, even doing a little free agent work. So what do we have to look forward too?

Chipper is back and by all accounts healthy. Of course, that has always been a word to keep on the tip of your tongue and now at 39, he is even more prone to injury. But…if he can play at least 120 games, he is still solid on the corner.

Shortstop and second should be really good. Alex Gonzalez and Dan Uggla should play well together. Newbie at first Freddie Freeman only having a year’s experience shouldn’t affect his plan. Of course, we have Brian McCann behind the plate.

Outfield wise has been a mystery over the last few years. Braves couldn’t decide who to keep, who to trade, who to sign. Right field is Jason Heyward for the next 20 years. Nate Mclouth will patrol center. He looks good from last year’s injuries. Left field looks like Martin Prado will get first crack of staying regular.

Let’s hope Martin Prado can play the defense cause we need the bat. He was the teams best hitter last year and we were knocked out the playoffs cause of him not being there. Heyward is going to have a crazy stupid year I feel. Chipper and Uggla will also hit. Freeman will be the focal point. Have to get production out of first base.

We have four quality starters that can be dominant if healthy. Wagner is back to close games, and if he is anything close to what he was, the only thing we have to worry about is the middle inning guys.

Can the Braves make the playoffs? Yes. Can the Braves beat Philly? Philly has the best pitching staff on paper in baseball. But, they still have to pitch. And, the team has to hit. Won’t really get an idea on the team until May, but this looks like this could be a season like the 91 season way back when.

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