Tia Guice, starting fresh

Tia is still relatively new to modeling. She obviously has looks, but she also has the “want” to make stuff happen. In talking to her, she knows that she must be proactive and always be prepared. So in talking with me this past Tuesday, she let’s me know she setup a photo shoot for Friday. Here is a little bit of how the week progressed…

After letting me know she did have a shoot Friday, we agreed to meet to look over her wardrobe so we can pick out some items to shoot in. I told her this would make things much easier and I gave examples of how Anna Lisa’s, Jerika Lynn’s and Beatrice Jean’s and others went when this was done. She picked me up and after looking at the photographers work, I started brainstorming on what we could do. Once I learned the photographer was letting her bring as many looks as she wanted, that bolstered ideas even more. After about an hour of picking through stuff, we decide on 4 outfits. But I also wanted to try something with Tia and fortunately she had the attire I was looking for. So in the end we had 6 total looks that she would shoot in, (it was 7 but she decided to do the swimsuit on location).

Friday morning we get on the road for the drive to Fort Lauderdale. It was a nice commute, and I learned a whole bunch about Tia Guice.
After arriving, meeting the photographer (Mugsy of Nu Era Photography) and laying out which looks we’ll do in order, Tia begins hair and makeup. Around this same time, it begins to storm outside. All of a sudden, all the power goes completely off. This had never happend at a photo shoot with me before, so I was really trying to figure out what to do if the power didn’t come back on. Fortunately, you will not see pictures of Tia holding on to a palm tree in pouring rain. The power came back on and we were able to begin.

As we move through the looks, Tia is taking direction from myself and the photographer very well. I was glad that Tishell, wife of Mugsy, was there cause it always helps to have a female perspective. I asked for help on a few poses when I was trying to explain what I wanted but couldn’t verbalize it. Plus, Tishell did a great job with make-up for all of the looks. Tia looked great in each outfit, as you can see..

We did have a pose sheet on set as well as different poses off the internet, so we did try a few depending on the outfit. Some tested Tia’s flexibility a bit, but I believe the final outcome will be worth it.

A few hours later we get to the final part of the shoot, the concept that I had worked out from the day before. The first portion of it was to have Tia portray a seductive and independent woman, stalking her “prey”. The theme was that she’d be in a high end hotel or casino (similiar to Casino Royale) and she is looking for a target or mark to assassinate or to rob from. Here is Tia getting makeup in the sexiest black dress ever!

The second look would be her actually performing the act. We were fortunate to have a the prop I wanted at the set, a real sword.

We would have several poses of her with and without the sword, putting poison in wine glasses, gliding stealthily to reach her victims, etc.
We have one shot that I think is really going to be special and you’ll wonder how we did it!!

After a great afternoon of shooting, we finally get the last image shot.

I was very happy with how the day turned out and excited to see how all the pictures turned out. Shout out to Nu Era Photography for the work they put in that day. Tia is really nice to work with and is ready to make some moves out here. Stay tuned for images from this shoot coming soon!!!

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