The Story of Amber Daigeau

If you truly believe that you were meant to do something, nothing will stop you from doing it. Even if it takes you years to get there. Even if you have to start your life over several times. Even if you made some mistakes that you regret and they slow you down. You’ll never give up. This is Amber’s story.
Amber was born in the city of Los Angeles, California. She grew up in the city that Tupac shouted out in the song “California Love”, the place that the Showtime Lakers played at The Forum, birthplace of Tyra Banks, Inglewood. Growing up for Amber was a time of great joy and happiness. Even though her parents never married, she was never neglected by either and always surrounded by love. This meant splitting time between homes of either parent and families of her mother and father and even grandmothers. That being said, her family was very large. Her mothers side is from Belize, they loved to entertain. Her fathers side has a long lineage, her great grandfather is actually one of the founders of Morehouse College!!!
There is nothing wrong with being spoiled as a child. Amber was an only child, so as far as wants, she had none. Anything that she asked for whether it was toys, clothes, latest gadgets, she received it. She attended the best schools, had regular vacations, truly a wonderful time in her life. One of the privileges included was her enrollment in a dance school called LA Academy of Fine Arts. Amber traveled for performances, which included “The Chocolate Nutcracker”, a very well received production.
The first time Amber thought about modeling is when a close childhood friend of hers suddenly quit the basketball team and eventually left school to pursue modeling. That models name is Chanel Iman. This is the person she says inspires her to keep moving forward and progressing.
As she got older other opportunities presented themselves. One was hosting in the VIP area of the Emmy Awards for four years in a row. Another was walking in Las Vegas Fashion Week, however that opportunity was one she turned down. This was due to her making a choice. She decided that the relationship she was in at the time was more important than the personal goals that she had set for herself. But this wasn’t the only opportunity lost, over a decades worth of modeling, hosting and acting work was lost because of her decision, one that she now regrets. Did she give up?
Since then, Amber has moved forward and reclaimed her path. Recently she established her LLC for a business that she has started called TribeCalledBlack, where she will share a wealth of information covering health, art, history, science and much more . She is writing a book that will tell the story of her life. Amber has fully restarted her modeling and dance career. One of the main reasons of her resurgence is the new man in her life, Brian. She made sure I included him in this article. He supports everything that she does. I myself was witness to that during our photoshoot, where he assisted her when needed and even helped me out from time to time. Pursuing anything in entertainment is hard, but it’s even harder when you have no support and encouragement from your significant other.
Amber says that her biggest accomplishment is her establishing a spiritual relationship and her personal growth. In the next five years Amber is confident that both her modeling and business career’s will be successful. But also that she will be an inspiration to others that have had similar experiences in life. When Amber is looking to take some personal time, she enjoys meditation, spiritual pursuits, working out, dancing, and reading books.
Amber is always focused on taking care of her body but she does like to eat. What are some of her favorite dishes? She has a vegan soup/rice dish that she makes, contains plant based sausage, kale, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spices, and tomatoes. At the same time, she loves crab legs, so it’s always a war of wills.  Amber actively tries to follow Dr. Sebi’s methods and health remedies to live a long and healthy life.
Amber definitely has a story to tell. You’ll hear and see it soon when she appears on the “Women In Business” show and also her behind the scenes video of her photoshoot. Until then, please read and share and support! You can find her on Instagram @tribecalledblack.

“Doing this interview, taking our pictures, means so much to me, and I thank you Chris. I really appreciate what you’re doing. I like the way you do business and how you really care and put in the effort to succeed with your team, and people you decide to do business with. I appreciate you.” -Amber Daigeau

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