Support your favorite model for the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar!!

Currently IMTM is looking for sponsors for the 2012 IMTM Swimsuit Calendar (Visit “Events” on the homepage for more info). But maybe you’re not a business owner. Maybe you don’t have a product or service that you want to get more advertising and promotion for. But you still want to be able to support your favorite model. Here is your chance.

Click on the button below and send a donation for this tremendous project. Women that represent multiple cities of the U.S. along with several countries around the world will be featured in this calendar. Models and actresses that have appeared in television, film, music videos, magazine covers, book covers, fashion shows, trade shows and more will be in this calendar. Every little bit counts.

So if you’re in California, New Mexico, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New York, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Germany, France, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, India, Great Britain, show your support directly today!!

Any amount will be accepted but we ask you donate between $25 to $50.
The ladies are more than worth it!!!!

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