In 2012, vote for Flying Without Wingz!

All I’m saying is, people vote for who is on top when it comes to music by buying music and attending shows, watching videos, etc. You’re chance to do this for the group Flying Without Wingz is not that far away. Their fan following is growing by leaps and bounds now that they live in Los Angeles. They continue to be asked to collaborate on other people’s projects. Los Angeles is starting to get to know them (they perform at the famed Key Club August 11th).

They have an animated series that they’ll be featured in called “The Junk Food Kids” (Google it). The mixtape “Mechanism” will be released in a few months, which will be their greatest work to date. Music videos are being created to give you a visual of what this group is all about. They have special plans this fall as well (secret).

Normal, rehashed, copy cats, these words do not describe Flying Without Wingz. Imaginative, evolving, exciting, fresh, these words emphasize the essence of both Irawniq and VC. Combining elements of electronic, hip hop, pop and other sounds along with their distinct lyrical content, FW2 will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come! Visit to hear music, watch video and look at images of this talented duo.


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