Stacee Collins will always be “Twin”, but she wants to show who “Stacee” is.

Over the last 4 years The Collins Twins have established themselves as beautiful models that have appeared in dozens of magazines, music videos, websites and events. Both Stacee and Tracee are intelligent, hardworking and always striving to do more.

But, they’re not always together. And they definitely don’t wear the same clothes.

Stacee Collins loves The Dallas Cowboys and besides that enjoys talking about sports. She enjoys conversating with her fans when she has time. Stacee likes to travel, and if there is a bottle of Baileys around, there is a small chance you will see her (it’s her favorite drink).

For the rest of 2011, there will be projects that you’ll see both Tracee and Stacee in, and projects you’ll just see one of the ladies.

It will always be “The Collins Twins”, but a little change never hurt anybody. Think of it like Outkast and the album “Speakerboxx /The Love Below”. Same group, two different works.

Stacee is available for television/film projects, commercials, print ad’s, event hosting and hair/beauty projects. To book, click on “Booking” on the home page and fill out the appropriate information.

Get excited, Stacee is ready to make your next project the best project!

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