Crazy chain of events occuring north, south, east and west!

So over the past two days had 3 editors of publications hit me up thus I’m working on submissions. And there’s the audition on the 16th, which I’m getting good response from so far. And Leesburg Bikefest is next week, which for some reason im sure both Tia Guice and Beatrice Jean are going to win their categories. And I’m about to book a new date on the #Activate Tour for Flying Without Wingz. & DJ Kode-Red will be in NY this week. Sunne is doing big things on WSHH, Miami and possibly soon will be in Atlanta. O and Jade Jackson has hot new pics!! Mary Jane has has hot new pics!! look for new video from Shawntae and Majeedah G & new male model pics from Anthony. Kavita Channe launched her new website. Christa Elise sent in her video for The Real World. Dannielle Denise attended her first casting in Los Angeles. There are many more things coming down the pipe, so be sure to stay tuned!!!

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