Soon she will have people saying “Who is that girl?” Her name is Qadriciana Monge.

What do you look for when it comes to supporting someone? Is it their look? Is it their personality? Their talent? Is it what they can do for you? When it comes to supporting new talent Qadriciana Monge, take all of those things into consideration as you learn more about her.
She was born in Springfield, Illinois. Now one thing you should know about her, she loves history. So she would want you to know that Illinois was the first state to ratify the 13th amendment. Yes, the one that abolished slavery in America. Qadriciana grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, the “show me” state. Are you that person that can’t imagine not having ice in your “iced tea”? Be sure to thank the next person you see from St. Louis, because that’s where serving tea with ice first happened, at the World Fair in 1904. Throw in serving ice cream in a cone.
quadriciana15Growing up in a single family home, there were times where things were lacking. She had a younger brother that she was automatically responsible for. A few younger cousins that were always around, she also took them under her wing. It was like being a free adult. But there was always a loving spirit in the family, very close knit.
Although modeling was always something she wanted to do, it wasn’t until high school that it became something she took seriously. Taking fashion design classes really pushed her to find out what she could do in the fashion and modeling worlds. When you have gifts, you don’t want to waste them.

When it comes to modeling, Qadriciana pays attention to all aspects. She studies particular models, how many times does the model get featured in something. Their character, pose, their look. Even the small details, such as tilting of the head and how the light around the model is effected.


To date, the biggest accomplishment in the life of Qadriciana is Total Life Changes. This is a company she has partnered with in order to better promote her personal brand. She is someone that takes personal health seriously, many people take for granted how important being healthy is in daily life. So her being able to share knowledge, providing the best supplements from around the world and helping individuals restore their bodies to peak condition has been very satisfying.


quadriciana12A long time goal for Qadriciana is to be able to provide amply for herself and her family. So over the next five years she plans on establishing several businesses, releasing inventions, appearing on covers of magazines of all types and much more.

What does a dynamic woman like Qadriciana do when she has free time? Besides modeling, she is also a singer, so you’ll see her in a studio from time to time. Her skills range from sewing, knitting, dance, painting and several other hobbies that allow her to be productive. Sometimes she chooses solitude, to be able to meditate and pray. Other times she will simply sit at the local bookstore to observe and interact with people.

Qadriciana loves food. The way to her heart is to feed her, so if you know how to cook, you’re halfway there. Vegetables and fruits gets her going the most, remember health is very important to her. And because she knows how to cook, she doesn’t eat out often. However she will occasionally try a new restaurant with a unique menu.

Watch her rip the runway!!!!!!!

Voice Monolouge. Deep Blue Sea. Russell Franklin

So who is that girl? Hopefully you have learned enough about Qadriciana to want to support her. And if you haven’t, look for her soon on IMTM Worldwide Radio!!


Follow her on Instagram @qlovesyou. And if you know of a project that she should be involved in, email for booking.

qadriciana2Age 26
Height 5’9.5
Weight 137
Bra 34B
Dress 4/6
Shoe 9
Measurements: Bust 34 / Waist 27 / Hips 38
Hair Auburn; dark brown
Eyes Brown

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