Canishia Njoku is a unique new talent you should watch for



When you hear the term “triple threat” you think of what? Someone that can do three things very well. Now sometimes an individual with that label can only really do two things well, and the third is just “ok”. With everything involved in modeling, acting and singing, to say that you are skilled in all facets is saying a lot. Canishia has a lot to say.

She was born in Sacramento, the capital of California, also know as the city of trees….Growing up on eastside of the city was not the easiest life. Her family lived on an Airforce base, and her parents were very strict. Canishia never felt she could be “herself” or do anything fun. The oldest of five kids (four brothers), it was many times her responsibility to make sure they had food prepared, clean up after them, even wash their clothes. And if given an opportunity to play, her brothers had to come with her. But, because she was the only daughter, sometimes she did get spoiled where her brothers didn’t get anything.


The idea to pursue modeling and her other talents really came recently. At her core, Canishia is realy shy. She had self esteem issues until she turned eighteen years old. Seemingly overnight she began appreciating her looks and her body. It was then that she thought “I could easily model, if given a chance.”


In today’s modeling world there will always be the trailblazers of Tyra Banks and Naiomi Campbell. As most young women that start modeling, she respects them tremendously. She feels that they really “modeled” and weren’t happy with just taking professional pictures for fun.

To date, the biggest accomplishment for Canishia is being an excellent mother. The father of her child was deported to Mexico soon after she found out she was pregnant. Knowing that she was going to be raising a child on her own was difficult, but she is very proud of her son, and he is happy, smart and healthy. What more can you ask for!

Five years from now, Canishia wants to have the following under her belt: 1. A huge modeling contract. 2. Creating her own company. 3. Finishing school for the third and final time. As you can see, she is not afraid of setting big goals for herself.


One thing Canishia will never be accused of is being shy. She loves getting into the nightlife. Parties, networking events, clubs, if she is free she’ll be there. At the same time she enjoys having personal time, which she gives to her son.


Canishia is a foodie. Chinese food, Mexican food, Soul food, she loves it all. The “do not feed the models” sign does not apply to her, lol. Her favorite food? Won Ton tacos from Applebees. If you ever get to meet her, that will make her happy.


This is a woman that has faced all the obstacles and overcome them and is prepared to show all of her talents to the world!  Listen for her soon on IMTM Worldwide Radio and is currently attending auditions for film and television. Canishia would love for you to be her next fan! For booking info, email




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