Powershoot, Columbus Georgia only!

Summer is over, but 2014 is not over yet. How many people have told you that you “should” try modeling? Acting? What did you think when you heard that? Are you an artist or musician? Do people you send your music to get excited when they see your press kit? Are you a business owner that needs professional images for advertising and marketing?

Have you watched television, read magazines, seen commercials and thought “I could do that”? What tools do you have to prove that you should have a chance to fulfill your dreams?

For the city of Columbus/Phenix City, Smiths Station and Fort Benning, I’m putting together a shoot called “Fall In Columbus”, where for $300 (for the ladies 18 and up), you receive: 3 photographic looks, hairstylist to do your hair, a makeup artist to do your makeup, you get a biography written, a resume created, a cd of your images. The Guys 18 and up would pay $200. Kids between 4-6 would pay $250. Business owners would pay per needs (individual or group pictures, pictures of products/services, etc).And once your pictures are edited (you will get 3 pictures edited), you get one hour of free consulting and advice.

So, if that is valuable to you, make contact. If you don’t have anything at all to show that you are a model, call. If you don’t have what you need as an actor or artist, call. If you need help with marketing your business, call. What is the worst that can happen? Nothing.

Thank you for Clix Photography for being available.

Call 706-393-8426 if you have questions or if you’re ready to put in a deposit. Your photoshoot date will be based on deposit.

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